2019 Annual Reward Gift Cards have been issued! Thank you for a wonderful year & Enjoy your reward!


Send a FREE Gift via The Pretty Kind Campaign

In the spirit of Pretty + Random acts of kindness, we send 50 free gifts per month!

Sending a gift is free to you and free to the recipient ❤︎ The gifts are anonymous, so the recipient will receive your custom gift note and the bracelet you chose for them with the note signed by #ThePKC (not your name). Your heart will feel full knowing that you made someone feel special! Be sure to follow The Pretty Kind Campaign's journey on Instagram!

Make your December nomination here

*the form will be closed when each month's gift slots are full, so if you're able to fill out the form your gift will be sent! An email will be sent to you from theprettykindcampaign@gmail.com once your gift is shipped. Gifts are mailed using USPS First Class shipping and tracking is not available on gifts at this time.